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NASA tests system to make drones and air taxis smarter

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The Data & Reasoning Fabric (DRF), a technology that aims to provide drones and air taxis the capacity to make crucial safety choices independently, has begun testing at NASA in a controlled but realistic setting.

The organization thinks it is crucial to create an ecosystem that can deliver accurate and current information on air traffic. Urban mobility may be changed in a safe and effective manner in this way.

Similar to Google Maps, which combines map data, accident reports, and traffic conditions to provide the driver the ability to pick the optimal way at any given time, NASA will utilize a similar idea to construct this artificial intelligence network geared at air taxis and drones.

Real tests

In the US metropolis of Phoenix, NASA has begun testing the DRF. The agency claims that a study was done on particular circumstances in which a simulated drone flight may make use of the DRF. The goal is to transport medical supplies and equipment from downtown Phoenix to the furthest reaches of the metro region.

“We expect this approach to possibly promote innovation in the sector, which can lead to improvements in the quality of airspace services,” remarked Kenneth Freeman, DRF principal investigator at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

The drone will have the potential to “make judgments for itself” and change the course if previously unanticipated items or risks surface along the way because the information will be updated in real-time, according to NASA.





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