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Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter: Where to buy

Motorola MA1 Wireless adapter

The Motorola MA1 wireless adapter is a standout device that transforms your automobile into a fully-functional Android Auto machine. Due to its popularity (we rated the MA1 9 out of 10) the wireless dongle has repeatedly sold out. The product’s inventory is growing in the US, but its price is going over its MSRP.

The Motorola MA1 was first offered for $89.95, however 9to5 Google has discovered that the price has jumped to $99.99 at both Amazon and Best Buy.

Amazon has already cut the price to $89.99, but it was momentarily $100. If you need one now, buy from Amazon. Target is selling the dongle for $90, with no indication of a price increase, but supplies are dwindling.

Motorola may be purposefully raising the price of this Amazon listing due to high demand. Motorola hasn’t commented on the MA1’s price increase, but we’ve asked.

We will update this page as additional information becomes available.

On rare occasions, goods prices are increased in response to astronomical demand. There is also the possibility that this is the result of supply restrictions, which may have an effect on the price of the materials Motorola uses to manufacture these dongles. In recent weeks, this is not the only price hike we’ve witnessed. Meta revealed in July that the Meta Quest 2 VR headset would cost $400. The Meta Quest 2 headset was $300. This is a stomach-churning increase, thus adding $10 to the price of the Motorola MA1 seems more reasonable.

In our evaluation, we stated that the MA1’s $90 price tag was “a little steep.” This is especially true if you’re purchasing the dongle for $100, but we also stated that “the MA1 is amazing, and you should purchase it,” so you may still find it worthwhile despite the price rise.

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