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Meta is introducing community chats for Facebook and messenger

Community Chats

“Community Chats” are coming to Messenger and Facebook Groups, said Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Large Messenger groups can organise talks into categories, such as real-time audio and video channels, admin-only chats, and event chats. Community Chats, like Discord, make it easier to follow fast-moving group interactions.

Zuckerberg: “We’re establishing Community Chats to communicate with like-minded folks.” More than 1 billion people use Messenger to chat with friends, and you can soon start Community Chats from Messenger and Facebook Groups.

Similar to a Facebook group, these discussions stretch beyond your real-life buddy group — if you love to surf, you might join “Women Who Surf” The software will roll out with moderation capabilities that allow admins to remove posts and block, mute, or suspend group members. “Admin help” lets admins specify specific moderating criteria. In a G-rated chat, you can prohibit users who use the f-bomb.

The new Community Chats feature would deploy with a suite of tools to help admins control conversation and audio. Meta said the package will feature moderating options including barring, muting, and suspending group members, as well as Admin Assist.

Admin Assist allows admins to build custom filters to automatically suspend users, remove reported communications, and stop ineligible writers or violating content from sending messages.

All Community Chat members can report messages to admins or to Meta, block users, and leave a chat at any time. Community Chats tested in Messenger and will be added to Facebook Groups in the coming weeks.

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