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Lenovo Thinkpad or Motorola Edge 40 Fusion renders

Lenovo think Pad

Lenovo debuted the ThinkPad Android tablet almost 10 years ago, however the sequel (ThinkPad Tablet 2) ran Windows, as did the ThinkPad 8 and 10 tablets that followed. Leaked renderings suggest the tech giant may use the ThinkPad name for another Android tablet.

The back states “ThinkPhone,” but the red dot on the I is unmistakable (which represents the TrackPoint that the laptops are known for). Lenovo sells Legion PC gaming cellphones, whereas ThinkPads are business computers. Business phones still sell? This could be an enthusiast phone as techies like ThinkPads.

Blass also says that the so-called ThinkPhone has the same model number (XT-2309) as a Motorola phone called Bronco. That will be released in 2023. This makes it sound like the ThinkPhone won’t be a brand-new phone, but rather a rebranded Motorola device.

Bronco could be an Edge series phone with a triple rear camera system and a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor (50MP main, 13MP ultrawide, 2MP depth).

It’s not clear if a ThinkPad smartphone will ever come out. If it does, we hope Lenovo adds a few more features, even if it’s just a different name for the same thing. Motorola and Lenovo already have a full desktop mode for Android, so a wireless ThinkPad keyboard with the mouse nub seems like a good place to start.

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