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Latest Android Auto update is not working for a wide range of phones

Android Auto

Android Auto hit a snag.

9to5Google says the latest Android Auto upgrade is causing problems. Android Auto 7.8.6 reportedly prevents Android phone users from connecting via USB. As of this writing, forum users were still reporting problems.

The error seems to be the only cause of this issue. Users are prompted to update the Android Auto app when they connect in their phone. After the upgrade, they’re prompted to reconnect their phone and get a “phone not compatible” error.

Phones that are affected

We spotted mentions of the Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, S20, S21, S22, Note 20, and Galaxy Z Flip 3, as well as Xiaomi, Asus, OnePlus, and even a Google Pixel cellphone.

When pairing a smartphone with Android Auto, customers often notice “phone not compatible.” What appears on the in-car display depends on the make and model, but it’s usually an error message.

The issue appears to be Android Auto 7.8.6-specific.

Google is about to release an update that should fix the problem. As with its most recent update, it might take a few days for all devices to get it. If all goes well, Google will be able to stop fixing connection bugs and put all of its efforts into launching that cool split-screen redesign.

Is there a way to fix this bug in Android Auto?

Even though Google doesn’t have an official answer yet, a user recently posted a workaround in the support forum. They say to delete the app, clear out the data, and then reinstall a clean copy of the app. This will also require you to connect your device to the car again and pair it again.

We can’t be sure that this solution works, so if you decide to try it, please be careful. But for now, it’s the best option until Google comes up with something more concrete.

For now, the best thing to do when you connect your phone to your car is not to update to Android Auto 7.8.6.

Sideloading an earlier version of Android Auto may help, or you can join the beta programme. Whether you’re affected, tell us in comments if you’ve found a solution.

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