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Jabra Elite 5 ANC earbuds have Google Fast Pair

Jabra 5 Elite

It’s no secret that Jabra has made some great earbuds in the past, which have earned them a lot of praise. Today, Jabra plans to keep going in this direction with the Jabra Elite 5. With their focus on Hybrid ANC, these new buds could become the leaders of ANC.

ANC is kind of a mixed bag for a lot of people who make audio equipment. The technology is still fairly new, so many products that say they have great ANC don’t really live up to their claims. In the past, Jabra’s line of truly wireless earbuds has worked well.

Today, the company announced the Jabra Elite 5, its newest pair of wireless earbuds. The Elite 5 earbuds have a special kind of power that is mostly focused on making ANC that works well. The company will use a Qualcomm QCC3050 Bluetooth SoC to power a Hybrid ANC system.

This new device uses feedback microphones inside and outside the ear to cancel out background noise and record superior calling sound. The Elite 5 headphones also have 6mm drivers that can play music in SBC, AAC, and Qualcomm’s aptX codec.

But the size of the driver isn’t everything. The $150 Elite 5 provide much of the same functionality as $200 or more earbuds. Jabra also talks up the call quality of the buds, which isn’t surprising given that the $200 Jabra Elite 7 Pro are especially good for calls. Moreover the Elite 5 has Spotify’s Tap Playback feature, which lets you resume music or podcasts with a button press.

Now available in Gold Beige and Titanium Black. You can save $20 by ordering directly from Jabra, bringing the total to $130. If you don’t want to resell the earphones, you can get their casing engraved for free, like the AirPods.

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