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iPhone 14 Price leaks, rumors, and more

iPhone 14 price leaks

The iPhone 14 series launch is getting closer, Price leaks and web rumors are filling up like a petrol tank before an oil disaster. Many people are interested in display sizes, refresh rates, and new technology, but for the majority, price is key.

The recent report (from Mark Gurman) suggested a $100 price hike across the iPhone 14 series, but a new leak suggests Apple may keep the prices the same.

According to a secret source on South Korea’s major search portal Naver, Apple’s top executives have decided to freeze the launch price of the iPhone 14 (the base model).

The source (which claims 90% accuracy of iPhone information) also mentions global mobile phone market stagnation and demand drop, coupled with price being the top determinant for mobile phone customers’ purchasing intent.

iPhone 14 Newest rumors

  • The iPhone 14 may stay at $799 like the iPhone 13, which is good news given the iPhone 14 Pro may be more pricey.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display could surpass Android phones by showing the lock screen as an outline, according to a fresh leak.
  • We compare the A16 Bionic with A15 Bionic and discuss what it means for the iPhone 14.
  • Rumors says that iPhone 14 and 14 Max to employ Samsung Display and LG Display’s M11 OLED panels. The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a better display.

iPhone 14 Price leaks

South Korean insiders say the iPhone 14 will cost $799. September could bring iPhone 14.

Both the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will reportedly cost $100 more. We can expect from Apple to use a new pill-and-punch hole notch design, a 48MP main camera, and an always-on display. It will be harder to justify upgrading to it over the best cheaper Android phones.

The related posts include alleged iPhone specifications and starting prices, which raise some issues. Anthony (@TheGalox_) says the iPhone 14 and 14+ cost $799 and $899, respectively, while the iPhone 14 Pro costs $1,099. The cheapest iPhone 14 Pro Max combination will cost $1,199, says the informant.

LeaksApplePro’s iPhone 14 price estimations match the leaker’s. It’s unclear if the latest source is revealing insider prices or duplicating the previous source’s quantities. If these price tags are accurate, Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max with 1 TB storage could cost up to $1,699. Cupertino adds $500 to the $1,099 iPhone 13 Pro Max price for 1 TB storage. At $1,699, this is the most expensive Apple iPhone release since than (not including special editions or third-party custom devices).

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