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iPadOS 16: Not just for iPad Pro users

IOS 16

Lock Screen of iPadOS 16 has extensive personalization features and widgets. There are new Focus filters, Passkeys, Safari Shared Tab Groups, and more.

iPad 16 adds a Weather app and “pro” features exclusive to M1-chip iPads. Stage Manager adds overlapping windows and external display support to multitasking.

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 include updates to Notes, Mail, Messages, Live Text, Visual Look Up, and Dictation Enhancements.

iPhone, not iPad, makes Apple the world’s largest company. Each June at WWDC, new iOS versions get more attention than iPadOS. This year mostly went as planned. Apple emphasized iOS 16 over iPadOS 16 at this year’s conference.

Apple didn’t announce iPad 16 until the end of the keynote. It was noticed. iPadOS 16 isn’t “one more thing,” but it was a worthy finale.

iPad 16 improves collaboration and productivity tools for business and creative users. The update includes new ways to share content, gaming improvements, and more.

iPad 16 and iOS 16 are unfinished until September. Apple and third-party developers will beta-test the update before then.

iPadOS 16 is available through Apple’s free public beta programme. Betas can be unstable and lack key features or tools. Install the software on a second device and make regular backups.

New developer and public betas will be announced.

A quick Overview of iPadOS 16

  • New multitasking features simplify group work.
  • App simplifies work creation and collaboration
  • Groups can edit Freeform’s virtual whiteboard.
  • Stage Manager improves display integration

Release Date and Beta

Apple said iPad 16 will be released “later this year.” Based on past trends, we can expect the new OS in fall 2022. We expected it to come out with iOS 16, since the two platforms share many features, but Apple reportedly delayed iPad 16 until October.

WWDC released iPadOS 16 developer beta. Apple released the first public beta on July 11. Before installing beta software, back up your Mac.

Other Features in iPadOS 16

Collaboration lets you add and communicate with people in Safari, iWork, and third-party apps. Sharing documents, photos, and videos is possible. Members can edit and annotate these files. You can see who joins and updates a Collaboration session.

Collaboration extends to Messages, letting you share content from Files, Keynote, Numbers, Pages, Notes, Reminders, and Safari in a group chat. Sharing gives everyone access, and you can see updates and changes in the Messages window. iPadOS 16 Messages can edit and recall messages, mark conversations as unread, and watch videos via SharePlay.

iPadOS 16 adds macOS Ventura’s Stage Manager. Stage Manager lets you resize windows like on a Mac (or PC) and has a visible app dock. Open apps can be switched, and unused ones are hidden.

Stage Manager lets you connect your iPad to an external display, giving you two screens. You can create three- or four-window groups on each display and run eight apps on your iPad and external display. This will help with presentations. Only M1-powered iPads can use it. Despite Apple’s explanation, it’s still disappointing.

Overall Appearance

iPadOS 16 should feel like a desktop. Apple appears to be delivering on a long-held hope. Many people use iPads for work or as their only computer. These multitasking features should utilise the iPad Pro and iPad Air’s M1 chip.

iPadOS 16 looks promising, but we need to test its new features in the real world. Developer and public betas should launch soon.

iPadOS 16 updates will be posted here.

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