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Home » iOS 16 added recently deleted messages option and here’s how to find it

iOS 16 added recently deleted messages option and here’s how to find it

Recently Deleted

iOS 16 updates Apple‘s basic Messages app. You can recover deleted messages from conversations. How does it work? Read on.

In iOS 16, Apple added a “Recently Deleted” area to its Message app that aggregates deleted texts from the past 30 days. If you mistakenly delete a message and want to recover it, you can do so in Messages.

How to recover a ‘Deleted Message’

The new “Recently Deleted” portion of the Messages app relatively buried, but you’ll get notification when you delete a message or thread after switching to iOS 16.

Deleted Messages are moved to Recently Deleted: Deleted communications disappear after 30 days. Recently Deleted filter in Edit menu allows recovery.

Tap “Edit” in the upper left corner of the main Messages screen to see the Recently Deleted area. From there, click “Show recently deleted” to view your deleted communications. You can recover a message thread, remove it, or leave it for 30 days.

Apple said conversations reveal deletion days. “Messages will be erased then. This might take 40 days.”

Apple’s Photos app includes “Recently Deleted” for years. Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode can lock the Photos app’s “Recently Deleted” category. iOS 16 locks the category by default. Messages’ “Recently Deleted” category cannot be locked.

Starting with iOS 16, if you want to be sure a message or thread really gone, erase everything from “Recently Deleted.”

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