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Home » Instagram can cross-post Reels to Facebook; Twitter will update

Instagram can cross-post Reels to Facebook; Twitter will update

Instagram cross-post Reels

Instagram, owned by Meta, revealed new features and enhancements to Reels, including cross-post reels to Facebook.

Meta launched Instagram and Facebook Reels today. The business is adding a “Add Yours” sticker to both social networks for Reels. The sticker lets users comment to other users’ Reels following a prompt or topic. You can share a Reel that requests others to add pet footage.

When you share a new Add Yours prompt, other Reels will appear on a separate page. People can see who created the prompt at the top of the page. Although the function encourages collaboration, it can also be used to find new people to follow.

Three new features included according to Adam Mosseri that are:

  • Crossposting from Instagram to Facebook
  • “Add Yours” sticker
  • Detailed insights about Reels performance on Facebook

Last October, Instagram Stories added the feature. Meta says the sticker is a popular Stories feature, so adding it to Reels makes sense given its ambitions to double down on short-form video. It may see the sticker as a means to raise the amount of Reels on its platforms and attract users who may not have otherwise uploaded one to do so.

Meta also opened Stars, virtual items that allow fans to support their favourite producers on Facebook Reels, to all qualifying creators. Stars was previously added to Facebook Reels and is now available to all qualifying creators. Meta just announced smartphone options for starting Stars and tracking profits.

Meta now lets users cross-post Instagram Reels to Facebook. Creators may now develop communities on both Facebook and Instagram, the business says.

“Add yours” stickers are coming to Instagram and Facebook Reels. Due of its popularity on Instagram Stories, Meta added it to Reels on both platforms.

This sticker lets users create Stories utilising a trend. Meta hopes to bring more users on the Reels train with these new features, similar to the phrase “All roads lead to Rome” New features are rolling out globally, so you should get them soon.

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