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How many pixels your cell phone camera has

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A highly popular metric for assessing a cell phone camera is its megapixel count. But, you may rapidly verify this information if you don’t know how many pixels your device has.

The camera’s megapixels, to put it simply, are the total number of pixels that the gadget can record in each image. A 10 MP camera can produce photos with up to 10 million pixels in resolution since each megapixel is equal to one million pixels.

The more pixels, the better the image.

No, not always. Although many firms tout the device’s camera’s megapixel count, this does not necessarily translate into images that are significantly better than those from mobile phones with a lower indication. In reality, this is only one of the elements that determine the quality of a picture.

Let’s get started: a sensor with a large number of megapixels can offer a better resolution and allow more light to pass through each image pixel. This is crucial for using extremely high-resolution images, such as when printing banners.

A 108 MP camera, however, won’t always produce better results than, say, a 12 MP camera from a high-end model. This is due to the fact that there are other elements that affect quality, such as the mobile phone’s post-processing and the lens model, aperture, and sensor type.

Every camera with at least 2 MP is already capable of taking photographs in Full HD if all you want to do is that. Considering that the resolution is determined by dividing 1920 lines by 1080 pixels, the answer is 2 MP or slightly more than two million megapixels. The capacity to absorb light and process information can distinguish one photo from another.

How to identify the megapixels of the cell phone camera

By the technical sheet

It is simple to determine how many pixels your phone’s camera as if you have access to the internet. You can find all the details regarding the lenses in the “Camera” section of the datasheet for your model.

Don’t know what brand of phone it is? In this situation, you may check the device settings to learn more: locate the “About phone” section and view all the information.



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