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Google will release new Home app features

Google Home app

The Google Home app for Android is getting ready for a “Preview Program.” Here’s how to sign up.

Google has long let consumers sample new features for its smart home products, like Home speakers and Nest Hub displays. The software used to operate these gadgets isn’t part of the preview programme, but that won’t last long.

As reported by 9to5Google, the Google Home app may soon join the preview programme to enable users test new features before they’re released. An APK deconstruction reveals Google is preparing an Android app preview programme.

Once it’s open, users can seek an invitation to join. This allows people to report issues and make suggestions. Early features may cause the app to malfunction, Google warns.

Participants can always switch to the usual Home app. When will the preview start? Once it’s live, a beta version of the Home app will be on the Play Store.

It looks like there is already a sign-up page, which you can get to on your Android phone by following this link. It will let you ask for an invite to the programme when it is ready.

If you decide to sign up, keep in mind that beta programmes aren’t for people who are easily scared. You should know that there’s a chance these new features could have bugs that make the app hard to use.

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