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Google Waze carpool service will stop next month.

Google Waze

Google Maps Waze is closing down its six-year-old carpooling business because to COVID-19.

The corporation will end its carpooling service in the US, Brazil, and Israel in September. Waze will seek new ways to service its 150 million users.

Waze was a commuting tool before COVID, but errands and travel drives have superseded commutes, the company stated. This means we may create even more meaningful methods to bring together a worldwide community to share real-time data and help each other outwit traffic.

Launched in the Bay Area in 2016, Waze Carpool extended to all 50 states, Brazil, and Israel. The service was different from Uber and Lyft since nonprofessional drivers could give rides for a little price. The business released a carpool app in 2018.

Initially, the goal was to reduce the amount of single-occupancy vehicles on the road. Waze plans to utilise its “better navigation algorithms” to assist commuters fill empty seats and alleviate traffic.

Waze said it wasn’t making money. The company depends on agreements with large employers to boost employee use. Waze sent teams to WeWork with tacos and other freebies to recruit young professionals.

Waze seeks to decongest city traffic and solve “mobility concerns” like cost, sustainability, and safety, a spokeswoman told TechCrunch. The company published data on people’s driving behaviour post-COVID, indicating US states are witnessing a 5 to 15% increase in road miles compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Six years ago, Waze Carpool was an unique notion. As the epidemic closed workplaces, there were less reasons to carpool unless people lived together. It would be foolish to continue refining and improving a service that few still use, thus Google’s decision makes sense. Some ride-hailing applications, notably Lyft, have already brought back ride-sharing options.

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