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Home ยป Google updates ‘Nearby Share’ and five other Android apps.

Google updates ‘Nearby Share’ and five other Android apps.

Google Update

Google revealed a slew of new Android features Thursday in its updates, including a self-share option that works like Apple’s AirDrop and lets users transfer files across phones, tablets, and Chromebooks.

Self-share, updated widgets, sound alerts, audio descriptions for Google TV, and live-sharing on Google Meet all increase Android users’ productivity, communication, accessibility, and fun.

Google must satisfy Android customers to compete with Apple, which just introduced new hardware and features. Here’s what Google’s releasing.

Google Self sharing mode

The corporation highlighted recent features. Nearby Share’s new self-share functionality is coming to everyone, after being noted in Google’s monthly changelog. It lets you transfer files between logged-in Android devices without a prompt. Live sharing is now available for Google Meet’s multi-pinned video feeds. Play UNO or listen to Spotify with global pals. It was identified in an APK breakdown last month and is now on Android phones and tablets.

Emojis and widgets upgrade

Google launched new widgets for its services after Apple added them to iOS, but it’s keeping up the pace. Two new Android widgets increase productivity on big-screen devices. Google Drive’s tablet widget now has shortcuts to Docs, Slides, and Sheets. It’s an expansion of what Google announced for Android 12 last year. Google Keep’s big screen makeover offers a longer list and larger text size so you can complete your to-do list easily.

Google has a surprise for Gboard fans. Emoji Kitchen has added leaves, pumpkins, and creepy creatures for fall, and the firm has announced Emojify. This programme turns a statement into an emoji-filled masterpiece with the click of a button. We originally saw this in March, and it’s almost ready for everyone. It’s in Gboard’s beta presently and will release soon.

Google Meet live-streaming and accessibility

Today’s update adds accessibility tools to your phone and TV. Live Translate’s Sound Notifications feature is great for hard of hearing users. It sends notifications for fire alarms, door knocks, and more. Add custom sounds to your Android’s library. This update removes preset tones. Assistant can search for movies with audio descriptions on Google TV.

Bitmoji in Smartwatch OS

Anyone with a Galaxy Watch 5 or waiting for the Pixel Watch next month is in luck. Bitmoji watch faces for Wear OS 3 are now available on the Play Store. The company is also introducing a new Keep tile for smartwatches. If you don’t want a tablet-sized widget, try a small notepad.

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