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Google talks about Android 14 Beta for the first time.

Android 14 Beta

Android 14 Beta already jumps in. 

You may not know if Android 13 on your Pixel phone is good, terrible, or what the new features are. It’s time to consider Android 14! Because Google already is. Apologies if not heard.

Google updated the Android Beta Program landing page to reflect that Android 13 is stable and will continue into September with a QPR update. This next upgrade has been discussed extensively.

The FAQ section is where we learn about Android 14 and when we might see it. Google says Android 13 QPR beta updates continue through March 2023, followed by Android 14 beta releases. After a March 2023 Android 13 QPR release, April 14 beta builds should follow.

Google had said before that the Android 13 QPRs would be in place until June 2023. By shortening the time frame, the company that makes Android might not want to run two beta programmes at the same time. The new text tells us that the first beta of Android 14 will probably come out in April 2023, after the Android 13 QPRs will finish.

This fits with when the beta version of Android 13 came out earlier this year. In February and March, developer preview builds of Android 13 came out. In April, the first Android 13 beta came out. So Google is basically confirming that the 14 beta will come out around the same time.

Google has finally taken down the list of devices that work with the site. Instead, you’ll have to look at the phones that are connected to your account to find out what is and isn’t supported.

Most of the time, the developer preview starts a few months before the beta period. If the first beta of Android 14 is planned for April, look for sneak peeks to start in January or February.

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