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Google surprises Pixel users by launching Android 13 today

Google Pixel android 13

Google released Android 13 stable for certain Pixel phones on August 15, 2022, surprising even Android fans. Google normally releases stable Android versions in September or October. Android 11 was released for Pixel phones in September 2020, while Android 12 debuted in October 2021. Given that September is still a few weeks away, nobody expected Android 13 in August. Google’s ambitions differ.

Sameer Samat, Google’s VP of Product Management for Android and Google Play, highlighted the new features in a blog post. This stable edition includes newer, broader customization choices, updated language settings, and increased privacy controls. If you have a Pixel 4 or later, you can wait for the official update notification or manually install it by following Google’s instructions here.

Pixel users can disable Android 13’s two-line digital clock when there are no alerts.

The update will also allow Pixel users to hide the two-line digital clock when there are no alerts. Smart home devices can now be controlled from the lock screen. Both functionalities must be toggled. Settings > Display > Lock screen > Double-line clock (activated by default) or Control from locked smartphone (which is disabled by default).

August’s security update is included. Android 13 beta testers will get a lesser upgrade. The update to Android 13 on this writer’s Pixel 6 Pro was merely 31.96MB. Those in the beta programme might choose to receive beta copies of Pixel feature drops next year.

Wait until you’ve installed Android 13 stable to leave the beta programme without wiping your phone. Then you can opt out of the beta programme without wiping your phone’s data. Once Android 13 is stable, visit Tap “View eligible devices” and choose Opt out.

Better privacy controls, device support

Apple’s privacy-focused modifications have encouraged Google to refocus on privacy in Android 13. In Android’s latest version, users have more control over sharing material with apps. When users gave an app permission to access their image library on older Android versions, the app had unrestricted access to all of their photos. Android 13 modifies this. Users can manually select an app’s photographs and videos.

Auto-deleting copied content from the clipboard history after a certain time is another privacy-focused endeavour. Android 13 now lets users control app notifications and alerts. Android 13 improves audio on smartphones with Spatial Audio. The Bluetooth Low Energy standard offers lower latency while streaming audio and broadcasting to several devices at once.

The algorithm that distinguishes finger and stylus touches has been improved. This is in addition to HDR support for third-party camera apps, enhanced tablet multitasking, and copy/paste between devices. If you didn’t participate in the Android Beta Program, download and install Android 13 on your Pixel phone.

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