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Google Sound Amplifier app: how to use it

Google Amplifier App

Deafness is real. Many people have hearing loss, regardless of age, health, or severity. Sound Amplifier helps you hear better with an Android device and headphones.

It uses machine learning and hearing studio research to assess how people hear in different surroundings to offer simple controls to increase sound.

Sound Amplifier amplifies sounds so you can hear people better over distracting background noises, such restaurant chatter and music. It also lets you watch TV at a comfortable volume without bothering others. You might use it in a meeting or lecture to hear the speaker better.

How to use it

1. Open the Google Play app store, search for “Sound Amplifier,” and download or update.
2. Open the Sound Amplifier app and select “Add to app list” if you want it to be accessible from the home screen

3. Go to Settings.
4. Scroll down and select Accessibility.
5. Scroll down and select Sound Amplifier.

6. Select Open Sound Amplifier.
7. Select Downloaded app.
8. Connect your headphones.
9. Select the audio you want to adjust, including Phone mic for conversation mode or Phone media.
10. If you choose Phone mic, select if you want to allow Sound Amplifier to record audio or not.
11. The app will direct you to Settings to enable permission to access the microphone.

12. Choose to allow permissions when using the app or to ask each time.
13. Tap the Music Note at the top left to run through the demo, and drag the Noise reduction slider to the left and right to find the best setting for you.
14. Move the slider under Boost to adjust the amplification of quiet sounds.

15. Move the second slider under Boost to adjust the amplification of high or low frequencies.
16. You can also adjust ears separately by choosing the option at the bottom if your hearing is worse in one ear versus the other.
17. If you choose Phone media, simply turn the feature on, adjust as needed, then exit the app and play the desired media, like streaming music, videos, and more.
18. Once you have the settings ready, proceed and see how it works. You can go back any time to adjust.

What else we should know about google sound Amplifier

Google Sound Amplifier requires Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later. Best Android phones abound in this area. Wireless and corded headphones work.

Sound Amplifier enhances audio and displays a visualisation on the phone’s screen anytime sound is detected, so you can see how it’s operating. It’s like your own personal volume level, confirming that sound is enhanced so you can wait to hear what you want to hear.

You can make the app more accessible and start it from the home screen to avoid using Accessibility settings. This is helpful for app users. Single-tap sound enhancement or noise filtering.

You can modify the sliders based on your environment to obtain the greatest listening experience each time.

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