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Google Play Store is introducing a 24-hour delay to review submissions.

Google Play Store

Google intends to make Play Store app ratings and reviews as legitimate as possible by delaying their publication.

The latest modification would delay reviews and ratings from real users by 24 hours. Google’s new policy targets questionable Android app ratings and reviews.

“To detect questionable Ratings or Reviews activity, we’re instituting a 24-hour wait,” Google noted in an advisory spotted by Mishaal Rahman (opens in new tab). “During this time, you can still see and comment to Reviews, but they won’t be public.”

Google’s new Play Store policy should eliminate phoney product reviews. The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority investigated Google and Amazon last year to see if they “did enough” to prevent bogus reviews.

The new approach will also help Google detect “suspicious” ratings. We assume the corporation is utilizing the time span to evaluate if a review bombing campaign is beginning, which might prevent unjustified unfavorable reviews from becoming publicly. The medal presumably has bought reviews. Google doesn’t allow developers to pay for positive evaluations, but many others do. Google might discover and halt these campaigns with the review delay.

The latest delay might cool debates. Review bombing happens dynamically when users notice others with the same hatred. When reviews are delayed, such dynamics can’t arise. It’s unclear how the new regulation will transform the Play Store and make it more peaceful, but it’s not a bad concept. This is one of many recent Google Play Store policy modifications; the firm is altering its guidelines.

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