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Google Pixel Watch: Design, Specs and everything so far

Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch is now a real thing. At Google I/O 2022, the company finally confirmed the smartwatch that had been talked about for a long time. Google confirmed that a Pixel-branded wearable is coming, even though there were many reasons to think it would.

Now we have to wait. The Pixel Watch and the Google Pixel 7 series are both set to come out in October. We know it will run Wear OS 3, which could make it the best smartwatch Google has made so far. It will also use the Fitbit’s fitness tracking and bring some new Android features to the wrist.

It will have to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, the high-end Montblanc Summit 3, and even the Apple Watch 8. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s what we know about the Google Pixel Watch, including when it’s expected to come out, how much it might cost, and what features it might have.

Launch Date

We feel like we’ve been waiting forever for the Pixel Watch to get official recognition. Google first confirmed that it was working on a watch in 2018, and rumours about such a device go back even further.

Google’s director of engineering for Wear OS, Miles Barr, told Tom’s Guide in 2018 that it wasn’t quite ready for primetime yet. “I don’t think we’re ready for a watch that fits everyone. Right now, our attention is on our partners.”

At the opening keynote of Google’s 2022 I/O developer conference on May 11, the company finally said that the Pixel Watch was on the way. They promised more information about how it would work and where it would be sold when it came out in the fall.

Google did release the Pixel 6a alongside the Watch tease at I/O ’22, which backs up another of Prosser’s predictions that the Watch and Pixel 7 and 7 Pro smartphones will go on sale in October (also aligning with Google promise of autumn).

Even more surprising, Google showed a sneak peek of the upcoming Pixel Tablet.


Despite leaks, we anticipate it’ll cost $300-$400. Yogesh Brar, a leaker, predicted this on Twitter in April. Google’s Pixel Watch could start at $249, like the Galaxy Watch 4. There’s also a $250-$300 Pixel Watch. Google hasn’t announced the Pixel Watch’s price, so these are simply rumours. We’ll let you know how much Big G’s first smartwatch costs.


According to a report, the Pixel Watch will probably be like the Apple Watch because they are both made by the same company. It is also said that the Pixel Watch can be charged with a USB-C cable.

9to5Google reports on the Pixel Watch’s specs. First, a co-processor will speed things up. RAM beyond 1.5GB may also assist. The Pixel Watch will offer 32GB of storage, double that of the Galaxy Watch 4, so you can carry more music.

The Pixel Watch’s battery will be under 300 mAh, according to 9to5Google. It’s bigger than the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, but smaller than the 44mm Apple Watch 7. Some say the watch’s battery won’t last a day.

Google has registered for a USB-C charger for the Pixel Watch, but it may not be fast. According to sources, the device will charge in 110 minutes.

The Pixel Watch will contain a heart-rate sensor that can read SpO2 and ECG, like the Fitbit Luxe and Charge 5.


The Pixel Watch’s 300mAh battery will reportedly be wirelessly charged via a magnetic puck. The charging cable could be USB-C, like the Galaxy Watch 4. Google’s watch may not support Qi wireless charging. Qi wireless chargers recognise the Pixel Watch but can’t charge it, according to the person who found it in a restaurant.

According to speculations, the Pixel Watch will last a day on a single charge. There’s no information on test parameters or if Google used Always On Display or sleep tracking. We hope these functionalities were enabled during testing and drained the watch’s battery.

The Pixel Watch charges as fast as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which takes 110 minutes. Most smartwatches charge in 1 to 2 hours, which is frustrating but not terrible. Yes, there are fast-charging watches. Apple Watch Series 7 recharges in 75 minutes. Charging your watch at night shouldn’t be a problem.

We hoped Google would learn from its competitors’ mistakes, but it didn’t. Both the Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7 last a day. This is a negative for otherwise wonderful products, and it appears to be a problem with the Pixel Watch.

Google hasn’t given any official information on Pixel Watch battery life or charging time. When official data is available, we’ll let you know.

Pixel Watch Wear OS

Google’s Wear OS platform will come with the Pixel Watch. How could the software be improved?

Wear OS features on TicWatch and Fossil smartwatches include Google Fit heart-rate monitoring, Google Pay contactless payments, hands-free Google Assistant access, and a Google Play smartwatch shop. In the past, these features didn’t hide Wear OS’s shortcomings, but the updated version works beautifully on the Galaxy Watch 4.

Later in 2022, new Wear OS-eligible smartwatches will be updated without Samsung’s UI.

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