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Google Photos gets a new collage editor and revamped Memories

Google Photos

Google is updating Photos’ Memories function. Google is adding sharing options for auto-generated highlights. Today, Android users may share memories natively. Google Photos lets friends and family view photos on any device. iOS and web will soon have sharing.

The upgrade is part of larger Memories updates available today. The revamped feature will include Google’s picks for your finest clips from longer videos. Photos automatically integrate the most relevant moments from longer videos to memories. Google will add music to select memories in October.

Google claims still photographs in recollections will have a minor zoom effect to make them less static. There’s also Cinematic Memories. This builds on cinematic photographs, a Memories effect that makes moving, 3D still images. Google’s Cinematic Memories will turn “still photos into a cinematic experience” They’ll include music.

Memories adds Styles. This tool adds visual art to your memories, inspired by classic scrapbooks. Google is providing limited-time designs from Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon.

Google says the ability to share Memories was one of the most requested features in the Photos app, so with this update, Google is providing the feature. Currently, only Android users can share memories. Google will soon let iOS and web users share Memories.

Google adds Collage Editor. It creates image collages. Furthermore, you may modify photographs in the collage editor, including adjusting brightness, contrast, and filters.

Google One subscribers and Pixel users will get Portrait Light, HDR, and 30 new collage designs in Google Photos. Moreover most of these capabilities are available in Samsung’s Gallery app, but the business could use Google Photos’ new features to improve its interface.

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