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Google “Nest Wifi Pro 6E” revealed pricing leaks

Google Nest Wifi Pro

Google9to5 B&H Photo Video may have leaked Google’s upcoming WiFi 6E router, says Google. Google Nest WiFi Pro 6E may be pre-ordered for $199.99 in multiple colours, $299.99 for 2-packs, and $399.99 for 3-packs. There are no photographs or specifics, such as whether “Point” network extenders included.

Google will hold its Made by Google event on October 6 to unveil the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and “Nest smart home improvements.” Nest WiFi Pro leaked in an FCC listing that mentioned Bluetooth LE and mesh networking. WiFi 6E reduces router interference compared to WiFi 6. WiFi 6E adds 6-7Ghz bandwidth.

B&H advertises a new “Google Nest Wifi Pro 6E Router,” which presumably means Nest Wifi Pro or Nest Wifi Pro 6E. The listing is still live as of this writing, however it only lists the price. Single routers cost $200, two-packs $300, and three-packs $400. The Google Wifi costs $99, whereas the Nest Wifi costs $170.

The ad doesn’t feature photographs, but the different versions show that the Nest Wifi Pro will be coloured. Kristofor Lawson tweets: “Snow,” “Linen,” “Fog,” and “Lemongrass.” B&H will also sell a multicolor version, allowing you to mix and match colours as needed.

Previous speculations and leaks have given us a solid idea what to expect from B&H’s upcoming Wifi device. The Wifi Pro should support Wi-Fi 6E, a first for the Wifi family. Google only supports Wi-Fi 5, which is a disadvantage compared to rivals.

Google Nest Wifi price

Nest Wifi Pro’s satellite nodes and base should have similar hardware, like Google Wifi. The conventional Nest Wifi’s nodes and base have different hardware.

While Google prepares to offer Nest Wifi Pro with Wi-Fi 6E, other companies are adding Wi-Fi 7 compatibility. The new standard offers broader channels, quicker transmission speeds, and better stability in apartment buildings. Wi-Fi 6E delivers some of these benefits and is ideal for mesh networks.

The Nest Wifi Pro may launch with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro on October 6, 2022, when the Pixel Watch and a new HD-only Chromecast may be release. With B&H listing it, a release appears soon.

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