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Google Messages may now respond to SMS, like iMessage

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The Messages app is rolling out the option to leave SMS reactions, which is already enabled with RCS, a day after Apple took credit for Google adding iMessage reactions to Android.

Google introduced iMessage-like RCS reactions in mid-2020. Holding down on an RCS chat lets you leave seven emoji, including thumbs up/down and facial expressions.

Google Messages customers have reportedly responded to SMS texts twice. Just push to get the same seven RCS reactions. Messages users see the SMS recipient’s reaction in the bottom-right corner.

For recipients without Google Messages, RCS chat, or iOS, the fallback is a text message with the sender’s emoji followed by the reaction in quotes.

Some Google Messages users can now long-press a received text and choose from up to seven predefined emoji reactions. Google9to5 confirms few users that have seen the feature, suggesting a wider release is imminent. Google Message SMS users will see the reaction in the bottom-right corner of their original message. Those not using Google Messages or RCS see the reaction as a separate message, similar to how Android users saw iMessage reactions until recently. At least the emoji not transformed into words.

Not the best way to make SMS reactions platform-agnostic, but a start. As Google tries to bridge the gap between the two mobile platforms, it’s evident Apple won’t give in.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, nixed RCS at Code Conference 2022. Cook remarked, “I don’t hear our users begging for more SMS communication between Android and iOS” Google may have wasted money trying to get Apple to use RCS. Both corporations aren’t resigning.

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