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Google Messages adds voice memo transcripts and emoji reactions

Google Messages

You will soon be able to read transcripts of voice memos, respond to messages with any emoji you want, and more with new features coming to Google Messages.

Google believes RCS is the future of Android texting, but Apple isn’t interested. The firm keeps adding innovative capabilities to Messages, making it easier to communicate with friends and family around the world. Changes to voice notes, emoji reactions, and more are coming soon to the app.

9to5Google analyzed the newest Messages APK and found impending updates. These features aren’t available yet, but they show what’s in store for Google’s main Android messaging app. First, voice memos are transcribed into easy-to-read text. Google says this function lets you communicate with a contact when you can’t hear their message.

Voice Message Memo

With Google Messages’ microphone button, you can record a voice note for RCS or SMS/MMS chats. Sometimes a recording isn’t the best way to communicate. The audio may be compressed, making it difficult to hear, or the recipient may not be able to listen.

Google Messages will soon transcribe incoming voice memos. In one version, new messages are automatically transcribed as they’re received. In another, you manually hit a “Transcribe” button. Our team manually enabled the feature for now. Google Messages seems to get transcripts mostly right, including automatically adding punctuation based on pauses and tone of voice. When pressing “Transcribe” on a 13-second clip, there’s a substantial delay compared to Google Assistant voice typing on Pixel 6.

Google Also added Emoji reactions

Google Messages added the ability to react to messages in 2020, starting with seven emoji that mirror iMessage. Since then, Google Message replies have remained essentially constant, although the programme can now “translate” iMessage reactions to make texting iPhone-owning friends less unpleasant.

Google wants to improve RCS chat reactions. In the current beta version of Google Messages, you can react with any emoji. New design replaces thumbs-down emoji with “add emoji” symbol.

Tapping this button brings up a list of emoji that can be used as a message reaction. Our team was able to send each other personalized emoji reactions without enabling the capability.

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