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Google Meet is bringing team chat to Android games.

Google Meet Team Chat

For the time being, the company’s ongoing work on Google Meet will be available as video calling from a business/education-first perspective, which is its first service. For this transition, they may require third-party apps and service integration. Google is working on enabling the ability to “live share” an app inside while calling. They require multiple integrations for this, including hangouts between friends as well as serious business calls.

It allows you to watch YouTube, listen to music and podcasts on Spotify with a friend, or play games like Uno, heads up, and Kahoot. GQueues task Manager is still available for business users. Some assets are added to the app, displaying a variety of app icons.

You can expect duo to become meet

Duo will be incorporated into Google Meet. Duo will soon become Meet, however the details remain hazy. Google works on additional Meet features as it converts from a business/education-first service to a video calling app for everyone. Third-party app and service integrations are one.

The Google Duo is exactly as it was before, but once the merger is complete, it may be phased out. Some features are only available on Android, such as Google Meet, which will “forward your call to a third-party app.”

It is unclear when this sharing feature will be completed and released. They are still working on it, and it is possible that the merging process will take another month before Duo accepts the Meet feature.

Multiple app icons have been added to the app as assets. The feature is being worked on in the legacy Meet app, which will be phased away after Duo merges. Eventually, it’ll be carried over.

Other in-app strings hint at more features and details. First, the feature appears to be Android-only at first, since Google Meet “takes your call to a third-party app.” Other toasts imply that attendees will be able to pause and resume videos, songs, and podcasts.

When this sharing feature will be finalised and rolled out is unclear, or whether it will happen before the Duo merge. The process is already begun, but it will take a month before Duo fully adopts Meet.

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