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Google may make Wear OS pairing easier.

Wear OS pairing

Do you fear pairing your Wear OS smartwatch? Google may be working on a mechanism to back up smartwatch data while moving to a new phone.

XDA Developers unearthed fresh information on Wear OS in the Google Play Services v22.32.12 beta APK. A future upgrade may enable users backup Wear OS data before pairing with a new device, according to the code.

APK teardowns highlight unfinished features. Google could remove features at any time. Teardowns can illustrate what things may be introduced, but there’s no certainty.

Google should enable users back up their Wear OS smartwatch data. Wear OS watches must be factory reset to pair with a new phone. If you have a data backup, you may easily restore your settings, making the procedure easier.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Pixel 7 coming out soon, many people may want to upgrade. This backup function could help buyers.

How to Pair with other Phones

Wear OS devices are straightforward to pair and set up, but customizing watch faces, tiles, and apps takes time. Changing your phone will require you to set up your smartwatch anew.

Standard procedure requires you to factory reset your smartwatch before pairing it again, which means deleting data and customizing it from start. You can use ADB commands to re-pair your watch without wiping it. This quick technique doesn’t need rooting your phone or watch. You’ll need a computer, your watch, and a USB cable or Wi-Fi connection.

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