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Google Maps new feature will ‘vibe-check’ your destination’s neighbourhood

Google Maps new feature

Google announced today at its Search On event that it is adding a new feature to Maps called “Neighborhood Vibe.” Next week’s Pixel launch isn’t Google’s only fall event. The Search On conference brought many changes to the company’s search engine. Google Maps is getting some new features just in time for the holiday travel season, no matter where you’re travelling.

The most intriguing tool is “vibe check” Google is using Gen Z TikTok creators’ language to help you understand a new city’s neighbourhoods. It seems designed to pair well with Airbnb, as you search for nightlife, tourism sites, and more. Maps will highlight popular restaurants, museums, and other must-see locations using AI and local reviews.

This programme should lead guests to intriguing local sites instead of gentrified neighbourhoods. It’s easy to picture a future where traditional sites are ignored for fashionable ones, but Google’s AI formula should provide a nice blend. Coming soon on Android and iOS globally.

You want to learn more about a new place before you visit. Neighborhood vibe displays a list of notable attractions and businesses on a map so you may learn about them before you visit. Neighborhood Vibe strives to show you significant attractions like parks and museums visually at a glance.

Phillips said the Neighborhood Vibe feature has a high threshold for damaging content. Neighborhood Vibe is a great approach to share beneficial information, thus the company will only present high-quality content, he said. Bad actors can’t exploit the system to surface dangerous content. Phillips said Google will remove inappropriate content if found.

Google also teased Immersive View and Search with Live View for Maps. Immersive View uses machine vision and AI to combine Street view and aerial pictures with weather, traffic, and crowds. Search with Live View lets you utilise your camera to find shops, ATMs, and restaurants.

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