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Google is working on small screen Pixel Flagship claimed by leakers

Small Screen Pixel

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were divisive due to their size. Google may be developing a “small-screen” Pixel phone, according to a rumour.

Weibo’s Digital Chat Station alleges Google is developing a “small-screen flagship machine” The gadget would have a centred hole-punch design on the front and a “family-style” look on the back, presumably to match the Pixel generation.

This report doesn’t indicate a release date, only the device’s codename, “neila.”

Google has historically pushed small-screen Pixel phones. From the original Pixel until the Pixel 4 series, Google’s phones were the only flagships with under 6-inch screens, but that changed.

The regular 6 is about the same size as several of Google’s prior “XL” versions. The Pixel 6a is Google’s tiniest phone, with a 6.1-inch display we liked.

Who’s to say Google isn’t developing a “small-screen flagship computer” with a flat panel, centred hole punch, and “family-style” rear design?

Even if Apple’s iPhone 12 small and 13 mini didn’t sell well, a Pixel 7 tiny or Pixel 8 mini counterpart might. Furthermore Big G released a Pixel 5 with a 6-inch screen in 2020, which is a tiny phone with practically undetectable bezels.

The 6.1-inch Pixel 6a is not a flagship in the usual sense. It remains to be seen if Google will stick around the 6-inch mark to compete with the 5.9-inch Asus Zenfone 9 or revert to the 5.5-inch origins of 2018’s Pixel 3 in this speculated push for the best tiny phone on the market today.

This Pixel Mini concept could get delay a year after year until Google deems the mobile industry ready for it.

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