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Home » Google is Testing Discover-Style Widgets for its Desktop Website again.

Google is Testing Discover-Style Widgets for its Desktop Website again.

Google desktop widgets

Google Search tests desktop widgets. Widgets appeared briefly on in February. More users are seeing them, indicating a bigger test. 9to5 Google has received several user reports recently. A public launch is imminent.

“Meet the new” appears on the revamped Google homepage. Sign in to modify the homepage. After signing in, Google’s “Make the space yours” widget lets you choose your interests. Choose from the following: Events nearby, weather, trending searches, top stories, sports, and what to watch.

Your choices will allow Google to tailor widgets with relevant information. You can always add or remove topics. As it prepares a public deployment, the corporation may introduce more options.

Widgets line the bottom of the screen, with “Make the space yours” on the left. The February sighting indicated square or rectangle-shaped widgets. The company tested many variants and chose the first.

As the new report notes, Google is bending this updated Search experience as “new”. The company previously said the site would be basic. Buttons don’t cover much space.

New Homepage Experience Coming Soon

Google’s default search page is user-friendly. It offers language options and a big search box. Google periodically fills empty space with something else, which some of us prefer. Google added homepage cards in February. Some folks are seeing similar cards again, suggesting a bigger rollout.

In February, Google tested six different homepage cards.
In February, Google tested six different homepage cards.
We observed earlier this year that six card-shaped widgets appeared on some Search homepages. Each widget includes weather, trends, what to watch, stocks, nearby events, and COVID-19 news. You could hide the cards using a toggle. Your cursor enlarged the cards. The cards appeared for a few days before disappearing.

Following cards to appear on Homepage

9to5Google claims the cards are back, along with a “Meet the new” prompt. Signing in unlocks customization of the homepage widgets, which are now squares instead of rectangles. After logging in, a window opens with topic cards:

Air Quality
Stock Market
Your Top Stocks
Events Nearby
Trending Searches
Top Stories
What to Watch

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