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Home » Google Drive has a new Material you widget design on Tablet’s Homescreen.

Google Drive has a new Material you widget design on Tablet’s Homescreen.

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Google redesigned its Android 12 Material You apps this year. Google Keep for Wear OS got a new design this week, while other apps got Material You widgets earlier this year. Google Drive is the latest app to gain a new circular widget with dynamic theming, but only on tablets.

Google Drive offers two widgets for Android phones: one with a list of recent documents and another flower-shaped (or x-shaped) one with shortcuts for document search, file upload, new document creation, and the camera. Tablets have an additional horizontal bar widget with shortcuts. 9to5Google claims version 2.22.357.1 of the app adds a fourth Material You tablet widget.

Google is improving “Drive quick actions” with shortcuts for Docs, Sheets, and Slides. This replaces the + icon that opened the bottom creation sheet.

This shortcut opens Drive, searches, uploads, and launches the camera. Everything is 32 by default.

Taller Google Drive widgets resemble rotary dials. Material You widgets previously had an x-shape (or flower petal). It’s eye-catching, but only for programmes with many shortcuts.

Google Drive version 2.22.357.1 on tablets has a new circular widget layout. Android phones lack this new design. Google has also switched the Keep widget from a sidebar to a bottom bar since last week. Dual-pane views aren’t widespread yet.

This lets you open two windows side-by-side and will launch soon. Google Drive has a similar feature.

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