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Google Docs adds inline emoji support.

Google Docs

Google Docs also featured emoji reactions in April. Despite this improvement, adding emoji remains tedious. Google hopes to remedy this with inline emoji support.

Google Docs supports emoji in text, but you must find them using Android keyboard apps or the Windows emoji picker (Win+full stop). It’s time-consuming and distracting.

How to add emoji in Google Docs

Just type “@” and the name of the emoji you want in the body of a Google Doc. You’ll get a list that you can also use the arrow keys to move through. Up and down are used for quick browsing, and pressing “Enter” puts your choice in. Also, if you swipe right twice, you’ll get a full emoji picker with Google’s usual grid and grouping by category, as well as search.

Type “@” and a word to describe it, like “@smile.”
When you type “@:” or “:,” you’ll see a drop-down list of emojis and the option to go to the full list.
It adds to the ability to quickly tag people, link documents, make lists (checklist, numbered, bulleted), insert templates (meeting notes, email draught, product roadmap, review tracker), and much more.

Building on the recently announced emoji reaction feature, you can now add emojis directly into your text in Google Docs. This gives you a new way to express yourself.

This emoji inserting feature in Google Docs is now available on the web, and we’ve already seen it on a few accounts. It will be fully available in the next few weeks and is already on:

All Google Workspace customers can use it, as well as customers of the old G Suite Basic and Business.
Users with personal Google Accounts can use it.

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