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Home » Google confirms Pixel 7 series will run on new Samsung Powered ‘Tensor G2’ chip

Google confirms Pixel 7 series will run on new Samsung Powered ‘Tensor G2’ chip

Tensor G2 chip

Google has confirmed that the Pixel 7 will use the second-generation “Tensor G2” chip.

The “Google Tensor” chip powered the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and 6a last year. The Tensor chip was designed in conjunction with Samsung to add Google’s machine learning to Exynos-like processors.

Google’s first SoC bears the product number “GS101,” however it’s called the Google Tensor chip. We’ve known for about a year that the forthcoming Pixel phones would have a second-generation Tensor chip, “GS201,”. However it wasn’t obvious how Google would mark the new hardware.

Google will conduct a hardware event on October 6 to showcase the Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and more. The company recently updated the Google Store website with new hardware details.

The chip was GS201 earlier. With the G2 brand, Google may continue to utilize it in future handsets. The Tensor G2 reportedly uses Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process and has two super-large cores, two big cores, and four Cortex-A55 cores.

Google says the new Tensor G2 chip will “add even more helpful, tailored features to images, videos, security, and speech recognition.” Like this year, the Tensor G2 chip will also power next year’s Pixel 7a and the foldable phone Google is purportedly building.

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