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Google Chat is now covering a wide languages range with smart replies

Google Chat

New version makes it easier to reply in Google Chat.

Google’s chat programme now supports Spanish, French, and Portuguese with its Smart Replies function. Google says Smart Reply automatically detects the user’s language and offers responses.

Users can select and send a Smart Reply immediately or edit their response starting with the Smart Reply text, letting you tweak or expand the wording as you prefer.

The update is now available and will be activated by default, along with language auto-detection. All Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business, and personal Google Account users can use it.

The update to Google Workspaces is simple. Smart Replies offers context-based quick-reply choices for colleagues’ or friends’ English texts. French, Portuguese, and Spanish now have this functionality. The algorithm can even recognize your message’s language. If you work for a multinational organization and write in different languages, you can benefit from the functionality.

Smart Replies are automatically updated with improved language support; do nothing. If you’ve deactivated Smart Replies, reactivating them is easy. To enable Smart Reply, go to Settings in the top right corner of the Chat website.

Smart Replies are a Google staple. On Android, the underlying technology analyses notifications and offers pre-determined replies based on your conversation. Smart Replies appear alongside your text entry box in Google Messages. Google guesses your next words in Gmail and Google Docs and offers options.

Smart Replies are now only accessible on Chat on the web, but we wouldn’t be surprise if they came to Android soon.

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