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Google cancels the next version of PixelBook


Google’s upcoming Pixelbook has been delayed. Google may have cancelled the project and disbanded its workforce.

Even though the Pixelbook 2 missed Google’s hardware events in 2020 and 2021, there was always hope. The Verge reports that Google has scrapped the upcoming Pixelbook and fired its crew.

The Pixelbook 2 and Pixelbook team were victims of cost-cutting tactics, according to The Verge’s source.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has discussed the company’s future approach for months. Pichai issued a message in July about Google’s policy of limiting hiring and cancelling projects to focus on higher priority things.

  • In some cases, that means consolidating where investments overlap and streamlining processes. In other cases, that means pausing development and re-deploying resources to higher priority areas.

Google’s Communications Manager, Laura Breen, said:

  • Google doesn’t share future product plans or personnel information; however, we are committed to building and supporting a portfolio of Google products that are innovative and helpful for our users. In regards to our people, in times where we do shift priorities we work to transition team members across devices and services.

The Pixelbook 2’s future may have been uncertain before this development. A Google representative has revealed no Pixelbook 2 plans for 2022. “Next year there won’t be anything coming. In the future, I don’t know.”

The Pixelbook 2 cancelled, but it doesn’t mean the series gone. Google has revisited products. The company’s attention is currently on other gadgets.

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