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Google Assistant ‘Quick phrases’ feature: What you need to know

Google Assistant

One interesting addition to the Pixel 6 series is the “Quick phrases” feature of the Google Assistant, which lets you do certain things without saying “Hey Google” first. Here’s what they can do, when they work, and what languages you can use them in.

Google Assistant Quick Phrases

Next-generation Google Assistant can listen for hot words other than “Hey Google” in two specified situations.

You can speak “Stop” to dismiss an alarm or timer in the Google Clock app instead of “Hey Google, stop.” Incoming calls can be handled by saying “Answer” or “Decline.” When a Google Assistant Quick phrase is available, you’ll notice a reminder on-screen, such as ‘Say “Stop.”‘

The feature is likely part of Google’s new Nest Hub Max operating system.

Nest Hub Max offers eight Quick phrases, up from two on Pixel 6. You can use short phrases to manage smart lights besides the alarm or timer. Google says the technology works with natural speech. These terms work:

  • “Turn on the lights”
  • “Turn on kitchen lights”
  • “Turn the kitchen lights on”

If you share the Nest Hub Max with a family member or friend, they must manually activate it. You can’t utilize Quick phrases with Guest mode on the smart display.

Nest Hub Max in the US only has English quick phrases. The Pixel 6 series supports French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese.

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