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Google and NASA bring out most of the Solar system info this time

Google And NASA

Google and NASA hope to inspire the next generation of space explorers with upgraded AR-ready 3D models.

Google has given 3D planet and moon models for years. The same augmented reality software as Google’s 3D creatures can show them in your apartment.

Google Arts & Culture and NASA have produced a new online exhibit to highlight modern science and astronomy. The display focuses on one planet at a time, from Mercury to Neptune, with stops to feature the International Space Station.

Google is also adding annotations to its instructional 3D models. Google Search’s 3D depiction of a planet or moon shows significant moments and locations. The moon model shows Apollo 11 and Chang’e-4 landing sites.

The couple created a Google Arts & Culture project about the Solar System and space travel. The sections discuss the Solar System from the Sun to Pluto and how we know it. The page aimed to inspire youngsters to engage in space science and STEM.

Google and NASA are annotating 3D models to make them educational. Learn about planets, rockets, and more by clicking on them (and even where some of it ended up). Google says they’ll soon be added to other instructional models, starting with biology.

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