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Google allows video ads to be displayed while YouTube streaming

Youtube Streaming

Google’s new ad model includes YouTube live streaming in display advertising.

Google’s display advertisements can show live stream adverts. A website like this one may show a live stream where an ad would be.

The video can be expanded to full screen and interacted with like YouTube. YouTube live streaming is free, thus marketers simply pay for the ad unit. Live stream ads are in testing. How Google will charge advertisers for these adverts is unknown.

Your streaming hub of choice?

Apple, Amazon, and Roku allow third-party streaming with one login. Prime Video Channels enables you sign up for Paramount Plus using your Amazon account and Prime Video.

According to the Wall Street Journal, YouTube aims to introduce a “channel store” in the same manner. This effort has been planned for 18 months and could debut this fall.

YouTube’s channel store would let customers choose individual streaming services via the app. YouTube TV offers 80 channels for $65 per month.

In any event, a YouTube channel store could potentially be more convenient than directly subscribing to various streaming services. This new approach would theoretically allow you to sign up and pay for subscriptions via your Google account, reducing the need for separate streaming accounts and payment credentials.

In saying so, companies offering video channels or a channel store make money by taking a slice of revenue from each subscription via their service. So we do have concerns about price hikes down the line.

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