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Gmail will conduct political spam-proofing on emails this week

Gmail Spam Proofing

Google is putting out a new political spam-proofing for Gmail, which could increase campaign fundraising emails.

Google told axios on Monday it would launch a controversial experimental scheme to keep campaign emails out of spam folders this week. Candidates, political party committees, and leadership PACs can seek for spam folder exemptions.

The FEC approved Google’s initiative in August after the company requested approval earlier this year.

Republicans have complained for months that Google labels GOP emails as spam more than Democratic emails. A North Carolina State University study revealed Republicans’ charges were genuine, sparking a political tempest among conservatives who believe Silicon Valley tech companies are biassed against them. Outrage prompted Republicans like Kevin McCarthy to ban biassed email screening.

Axios reported that Google’s trial will feature “a few campaigns.” The company promises that opting out is still feasible, but you’ll have to wait for the spam to start and search for a “more conspicuous unsubscribe button” – a banner should identify the first spam letter you get.

The corporation plans to “evaluate whether these improvements improve user experience,” but we think we could answer that immediately and save money and time.

We’ll probably just click “unsubscribe” as soon as it shows, but this is still aggravating. Google is trying to find a middle ground, but when one side is “bulk email senders,” maybe taking sides isn’t so awful.

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