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Gboard Emoji Kitchen combinations you must try

Emoji Kitchen

Google’s Emoji Kitchen in Gboard lets you combine two emoji to make a new mashup sticker, but I’m still amazed when I uncover a new combination. This is my favourite Gboard function, and possibly my favorite software keyboard feature. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Google is adding to the collection every few months. Mashups give personality to existing emoji and allow us to convey mixed emotions that a single one wouldn’t, but the choices might be overwhelming. We’ve tried several combos and found effects ranging from charming to frightening, so we’ll share our favourites.

How to use Emoji Kitchen

This utility requires Gboard, therefore you must download and use it. Gboard is likely on a Google Pixel. If not, download Gboard from Google Play store.

After setting up Gboard, use its Emoji Kitchen in your preferred messaging app. Since Google Messages works, we’ll use it here. Emoji Kitchen:

  1. Go into a messaging app.
  2. Tap in the text bar to get Gboard to appear.
  3. Tap the emoji icon to the left of the space bar.
  4. Scroll through and find a base emoji you want to start with. In this instance, we’ll choose Scorpion.
    • Note: You can search for emojis by tapping and typing the name of it in the bar labeled Seach emoji.
  5. Next, find the emoji you want to pair the first one with. In this case, we’ll go with Fire.
  6. You’ll see a combination emoji appear in the section above the keyboard. You can tap that new emoji to get it ready to send.

Emoji Kitchen has a few quirks. If you choose an emoji expecting it to work with another, a ghost visual with the text “Nothing to see here” will show. Second, if you choose a base emoji with combinations and combine it with an incompatible emoji, you’ll see the ghost but also combination possibilities. If you don’t have a certain emoji in mind, most come with Emoji Kitchen options.

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