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Free yourself from bad background effects with latest Google Meet update

Google meet Update

Google Meet update: Sometimes you don’t want others to see your back during a video call. Google Meet has background blur, background replacement, and immersive backgrounds to help. Google meet latest update improves these web effects.

Thanks to improved background and foreground separation, Meet users can use more accurate background effects starting today.

Several months ago, Google announced live custom backgrounds for Google Meet. It’s great for two reasons. The feature will help users express themselves and liven up a dull conference. Second, it’s useful for hiding messy bedrooms.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom already had this feature, so it’s not exactly cutting-edge. Better late than never. Many users have complained that they can’t change the Google Meet background during some calls.

What’s Changing in Google Meet update

Meet can now split real-time video effects between the camera and the cloud. Using the device and cloud-based processing together improves visual effects and saves battery life and CPU usage by 30%, according to Google.

Background blur and light adjustment are currently supported. Improvements will have other effects later.

Meet has become an invaluable tool for many workers, and background effects help eliminate distractions. The quality of visual tools like background blur left much to be desired. This update improves background effects.

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