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Fitbit charge 6 may look like similar to earlier edition

Fitbit Charge 6

You can expect it to look a lot like the Fitbit Charge 5.

Since Fitbit unveiled its “autumn lineup,” a new fitness tracker is odd. Fitbit’s next tracker, the “Charge 6,” looks identical to the previous iteration.

Google Wallet is coming to Fitbit’s latest smartwatches, the Sense 2 and Versa 4. Google was testing Wallet with a “Charge 6” device, according to our findings.

The FCC received FB424 the same day Fitbit unveiled three new devices. Regulatory approval means this product will be sold. Only the Charge 5 has offered on-wrist payments with Bluetooth and NFC.

The Fitbit Charge 6 sports a curved glass top, an aluminium body, and glossy stripes on the left and right for ECG readings, according to a source. The Charge 3 and 4 have the identical design, allowing for band reuse.

9to5report The Fitbit Charge 6 is “roughly identical” to the Charge 5, according to Google. If so, expect an aluminium body for the primary tracker, a curved glass display, and a light and thin design.

The source’s phrasing suggests some design improvements, but it’s likely to appear like the last-gen fitness tracker. If true, upgraders may be disappointed. Fitbit’s Charge 3 and Charge 4 designed similarly. Fitbit should do this again since the Charge 5 is only a year old. The Charge 5’s design helps it rank so highly in our fitness tracker rankings.

This is rare for the company’s wearables. Fitbit usually releases new products every couple of years, so the business must have an intriguing improvement for Charge owners that isn’t related to the design. This may be a game-changing fitness tracker. We don’t know, but it could be the Sense 2’s new “Body Response” stress sensor.

Fitbit Charge 6 is unknown. Due to its limited feature set and the fact that it doesn’t sound like any of Fitbit’s other products, FB424 is assumed to be the Charge 6. Fitbit has unveiled three new items, but the Charge 6 wasn’t among them.

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