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Home ยป First ever LG foldable OLED TV let you choose between flat or curved.

First ever LG foldable OLED TV let you choose between flat or curved.

LG Foldable OLED TV

LG’s first Bendable 42-inch OLED TV is the LG OLED Flex.

LG Flex was announced at IFA 2022 in Berlin. You can adjust how much the Flex curves based on your arrangement.

The stand has motorised arms that curve the OLED panel up to 800R (extremely curved) if you’re seated in front of it at a desk, or back to flat… 18 steps separate them. A remote button lets you swap between your favourite settings. At the time of writing, LG had not given photographs of the Flex, but we saw it in a virtual briefing.

The OLED display is similar to the 42-inch LG C2, although it has a 25% less reflective coating. LG said this is because it’s a gaming monitor and TV, and the closer you sit to a screen, the greater the angle of reflections.

The normal LG C2 is ideal for sitting further from your sofa, reducing reflections. Even though the LG C2 doesn’t have a lot of brightness, a coating that makes it less reflective would still be great. Maybe it will be on the LG C3, though.

LG’s Multi Examine feature lets gamers view two sources simultaneously. So, you could play a PC or console game on the LG Flex while watching a YouTube video on a phone.

LG introduced a bendable OLED TV first. Corsair introduced a 45-inch bending gaming display, and Skyworth released a flexible TV last year. Manufacturers are developing TVs and monitors that may be flat or curved.

LG hasn’t announced a price or release date for its OLED Flex TV. This week, IFA in Germany will feature the LG Flex. We’ll examine this bendable TV at IFA later this week.

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