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EU made it official to switch Smartphones to USB-C by autumn 2024

USB-C SmartPhones

European Parliament approved a legislation mandating a single charger for all electronics sold in the bloc to decrease e-waste. Most EU smartphones and tablets use USB-C, but Apple doesn’t. The next iPhone (or the one after that) will have to switch to USB-C to match the iPad Pro and MacBook models.

Apple would have to develop an iPhone for Europe or embrace USB-C globally to comply with the rules. With American and Indian politicians making similar legislative noises, the company’s choice is clear.

The EU news release says additional wired-charging devices must have USB-C. Handheld gaming consoles, headphones/headsets, portable speakers, e-readers, keyboards, mice, GPS gadgets, and earbuds.

For consumers, what does this mean?

Globally, most smartphones have USB-C ports. This means Apple iPhones must offer USB-C charging. The iPhone 15 family launching with USB-C next year is certainly no coincidence.

The EU news release says “all fast-charging gadgets will now have the same charging speed.” This means the EU is regulating charging speeds. A deeper look at the original proposal shows that devices must use USB-PD if they charge faster than 15W.

We requested the European Parliament to clarify the following comment and whether proprietary USB-C charging standards can exist alongside USB-PD. We’ll update it.

Wireless charging and charger packaging are also priorities

The law also lets EU consumers pick whether their new phone comes with a charger. New devices will include “charging characteristics” markings to assist users determine if their chargers are compatible.

The EU proposal asks for a common wireless charging standard by 2024. This is to prevent device makers from pushing proprietary charging tech. Current Qi standards could be used to harmonise.

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