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Home » Due to a potential risk, change your Plex password ASAP.

Due to a potential risk, change your Plex password ASAP.

Plex Password

Change your Plex password immediately.

Plex is a popular media streaming and server app that lets you view your personal media across a network and offers its own streaming library. The service just declared a “possible data breach” and requires all password resets.

“Yesterday, your Plex account information was compromised. While we believe the impact is limited, we want to ensure you have the necessary information and tools to keep your account secure,” the business noted in an email to certain users.

That’s usual for data breaches, and The Verge says there’s no sign additional sensitive data was lost. Credit card information and other payment data weren’t compromised, according to Plex. The hack didn’t compromise users’ private media libraries.

With usernames and (perhaps, but unlikely) passwords, anyone can access these libraries. If Plex hasn’t flagged your account for a password reset, reset it manually. Use a password manager instead of your mom’s maiden name and your pet’s birthday. Semi-randomized generators and encrypted storage are far safer. Our password manager instructions can assist.

What The Plex team said?

We quickly began investigating, and it appears a third party accessed emails, usernames, and encrypted passwords.
The organization requires a password reset for all accounts despite being “hashed and protected” Payment data isn’t saved on Plex’s servers, thus it wasn’t hacked. It also said it has addressed the breach method and was performing additional security evaluations.

Now what? The Plex team recommended you should also unplug any devices after changing your password. Users should set two-factor authentication, and the corporation won’t ask for passwords or credit card info through email.

Some Android Authority Plex users haven’t gotten a breach email. We think this message is being distributed gradually because it indicates all passwords will be reset.

If you haven’t utilized Plex for saving your password information than you can calmly read more about excited launches this month here.

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