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DuckDuckGo email privacy is now accessible to everyone


DuckDuckGo announced that their Email Protection service is now available to all users. Email Protection provides you a free “” email account and intercepts email trackers.

DuckDuckGo email policy Background

Email remains the primary means to contact people despite the growth of messaging platforms. We send and receive more than 300B emails everyday, and there are 4.2B email users.

Many of these emails are spam. Worse, most track email opens. Tracking pixels are single-pixel images unique to each email. When we examine an email’s image, the server logs that we’ve viewed it.

Companies can track who clicks on links in emails by adding unique codes to the URL.

DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection beta launched last year.

DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection has entered beta. Our free email forwarding solution removes email trackers and protects your email address without changing services or apps.

Most email privacy options have drawbacks. Either switch email providers or apps or hide all images. We believe preserving your personal information should be straightforward and seamless, like DuckDuckGo’s privacy bundle.

Currently. . .

The expansion of Email Protection allows anyone to receive a email address for forwarding or as a standalone account. DuckDuckGo will remove trackers in either case.

Users can create multiple secret email addresses, one for each sleazy website if they like. A user can deactivate their email through the self-service dashboard, which enables users add, delete, or make other changes to their Duck account. Users can reply to emails using their address.

Email Protection beta can detect and delete trackers in email scripts, images, and links. DuckDuckGo recently launched updating HTTP links in emails to HTTPS, a service called Smarter Encryption.

Tap the Settings button on DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Android and scroll down to Email Protection. Email Protection for desktop users requires the DuckDuckGo extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Brave. Desktop users can check DuckDuckGo’s official page.

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