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Chromecast with Google TV HD is now available, and it only costs $30

ChromeCast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV HD is official and cheaper than expected: $30 in the US. This replaces 2018’s $35, less-capable Chromecast (it lacked the Google TV part).

This “HD” gadget outputs 1080p. Sure, it’s lower quality than the $50 4K model, but it supports HDR. On a smaller TV, 1080p and 4K may look similar.

You can get one via Google, Best Buy, and Amazon (soon). HD costs €40, 4K costs €70 in Germany. HD Chromecast is “Snow” white.

You may use this Chromecast with major streaming services, like YouTube TV and Stadia (you’ll need a controller, as the provided remote won’t work).

Google9to5 hasn’t determined why the Chromecast with Google TV 4K hasn’t been updated. Google believes the streaming device’s lack of storage is to blame. With only 8GB of storage, apps quickly fill it up. The problem worsens when updating apps. Google’s spokesman highlighted to summer performance and storage enhancements.


The new 1080p Chromecast looks identical to the 4K version. Same physical factor, single USB-C port, and remote (featuring the same dedicated Netflix and YouTube buttons). It runs Android 12, however the software will be similar to Android 11 Google TV. The new unit supports AV1 decoding, saving data when streaming video. The previous Chromecast with Google TV is only accessible in a dozen territories, but the new 1080p variant is in 19 countries “with more coming shortly.”

Chromecast with Google TV (HD) costs $30 in the US today. If you have a sub-4K display that needs a smart TV update, check it out.

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