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Purportedly leaks from China iPhone 14 color options

iPhone color options

More details have emerged about the iPhone 14, its always-on feature, and color options.

McGuire Wood is the leaker. Most of what he’s shared are confirmations of earlier reports, not new information.

Few things about Apple’s upcoming phones spark more speculation than their colors. Even though the iPhone 14 isn’t out yet, rumours about its colors are circulating.

When a new iPhone is announced, the colors will be the first thing we see besides the display. They’re Apple’s chance to distinguish this round of updates, especially since the iPhone 14 is expected to look similar to its predecessor (even with the iPhone 14 Pro allegedly ditching the notch for a pair of cutouts).

iPhone 14 colors won’t be the biggest feature on Apple’s new phones, not when the Pro models will get a 48MP main camera and a new A16 processor and a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max could join Apple’s lineup. When the new phones arrive later this year, they’ll affect our first impression.

An unverified post on Chinese social media site Weibo purports to reveal Apple’s iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro color options.

What We know So Far?

In April, a now-deleted Weibo post claimed a purple iPhone 14 was coming. The same Chinese social media post predicted Apple would change the iPhone 13’s deep blue color to sky blue.

Purple isn’t just for the iPhone 14. Same rumour claims the iPhone 14 Pro will have a purple option, likely a darker matte shade.

Apple has used purple before. In spring 2021, the company released purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini models. Apple repeated the trick this spring with the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro in green. iPhone 11 was purple.

iPhone 12

Purple iPhone 14 rumours haven’t been debunked by subsequent rumours. Newer reports include rumor-based renders of a purple iPhone 14 Pro.

In May, MacRumors summarised iPhone 14 color rumours, with purple being the biggest change. Otherwise, the report has the iPhone 13 and 13 black, white, blue, and [Product] Red options. Apple’s black and white phones are called “Midnight” and “Starlight.” Pink and green won’t be used.

Purple would join silver, gold, and graphite as iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max colour options. The Sierra Blue and Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro colors will be discontinued.

Standard Model Pro Models
iPhone 13 Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Pink, [Product] Red Graphite, Gold, Silver, Sierra Blue
iPhone 12 Black, White, Blue, Green, [Product] Red Graphite, Gold, Silver, Pacific Blue
iPhone 11 Black, White, Purple, Green, Yellow, [Product] Red Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Midnight Green

iPhone 14 color rumours

Given Apple’s track record in recent years, five iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Max colors and four Pro options seem likely. For the iPhone 14, we expect black, white, and red, while graphite, silver, and gold seem likely.

That leaves two slots for iPhones and one for Pros. Given that purple is the only persistent rumour, both the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will feature that color, though the pro version will likely be more subdued.

As for the final iPhone 14 color, it will depend on which of blue, pink, or green sold best for the iPhone 13. We wouldn’t rule out blue being the sole survivor, but the sky blue rumour from April isn’t true. We’d hate to see the green iPhone 13 disappear so soon after its release.

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