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Bass, mids and treble: how to equalize your headphones


When we analyze speakers and headphones, we often talk about bass, mids, and highs, but do you know exactly what that means? Is there a way to improve the equipment’s audio using an equalizer?

If you’re a fan of music and audio equipment in general, you should be aware of the ability of these devices to reproduce bass, medium and high frequencies. In music, sound frequencies are what allow us to perceive the performance of different instruments – including voices –, their volume, and density. And this occurs regardless of the musical genre.

Consequently, if you plan to buy a good quality headphone or speaker, or one that satisfies your demands, you need to know how to detect whether the equipment can reproduce effectively the frequency ranges that make the music more pleasant to your own taste.

For you to understand what bass, mids and highs mean, you need to understand how the sound itself occurs.

What is the sound?

Sound is nothing more than the outcome of a vibration that travels through various channels, to put it very simply. Since sound travels through the molecules of the element it travels through, we also refer to it as a sound wave.

Media for the transmission of sound might be solid, liquid, or gaseous. Sound waves travel through the air to our ears as we listen to music through speakers. Most of the sound waves that travel through our ear canal to reach our eardrums when we wear headphones go through the air, but some of the lower frequencies also travel through a solid medium—our own ear canal.

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