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Apple Watch Ultra: Unique design and more

Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra may be the biggest update to Apple’s watch lineup in years. It was revealed during Apple’s Far Out product launch. It’s released Sept. 23, a week after Series 8. And not everyone can afford it.

Apple’s watch lineup is expanding steadily, like the iPhone line. Apple only released one watch a year before the Apple Watch SE. The Apple Watch Ultra is more expensive, but it prioritises utility over fashion. grit It’s the largest Apple Watch.

Next to the Apple Watch SE and Watch Series 8, the Ultra is like the Apple version of a Casio G-Shock. The new design pushes the crown and side button into an expanded side portion, making it more James Cameron than any prior Apple Watch.

Titanium casing, sapphire flat front crystal, 49mm case size, brighter display (2,000 nits). New second button, enhanced speaker, ruggedized design. Only cellular is available. New features abound.

The Ultra’s larger battery is something the Apple Watch hasn’t had since its debut. The Ultra’s battery life is 36 to 70 hours, compared to the standard Apple Watch’s 15 hours.

Apple Watch Ultra release date and price

Alpine Loop band for Apple Watch Ultra Apple’s new Apple Watch Ultra has a fresh look and extended battery life.

Preorders for the Apple Watch Ultra are opening on Friday, September 9, and shipping begins next week on September 16. All Apple Watch Ultra variants with different bands cost $799.99. Only the 49mm Apple Watch Ultra has GPS + Cellular.

Apple’s thinnest watchband is the Alpine Loop. This one is comprised of two woven layers, without sewing. There’s also the soft nylon Trail Loop band and the elastic Ocean Band.

Some exclusive features and specs

With a 49mm titanium casing, revised digital crown, and new Action button. The Action button can be customized for various purposes, including workouts, compass waypoints, and a new backtrack feature. The 2,000-nit screen has sapphire crystal. Outdoor athletes want buttons and crowns that operate with gloves. Three microphones improve sound quality and reduce wind noise.

The Ultra watch can go 36 hours on a single charge. Using a new low-power option, the battery lasts 60 hours. That mode still allows you to measure heart rate and GPS. Apple says the Ultra’s battery can power a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile cycle ride, and 26.2-mile marathon.

The Ultra has a new multiband GPS frequency, L5. It’s only on Garmins and Coros now. It also has a trackback option in case you fall off the grid. In watchOS 9, a new Compass app includes Compass Waypoints to designate locations. Meanwhile, for triathletes, the Action button also lets you transition from one leg of a race to the next (i.e., switching from swimming to running). Later this year, track athletes will be auto-detected. And it has an 86-decibel siren to help others locate you.

For water sports, it can handle kiteboarding and has WR 100 water resistance. When you’re underwater, it launches a time, depth, and temperature app. It’s EN 13319 certified for scuba divers up to 40m. It also has a new Oceanic Plus app for recreational and scuba divers.

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