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Apple Watch saves user with clots in the lungs

Apple Watch

Another user’s life was saved thanks to the health capabilities of the Apple Watch. Ken Counihan, a resident of Ohio, is who you are speaking with. Counihan said that he noticed an alert regarding his quick breathing on his watch. His son insisted, so he went to get medical assistance later.

The experts just ran one X-ray at this initial consultation. With only a few prescriptions for bronchitis medication, the user was sent home.

The Apple Watch nevertheless kept sending notifications. This time, the messages made note of the fact that his blood oxygen level had fallen to 80% when it should have been 95% or greater.

Based on her previous history, the doctor did a CT scan at the second appointment, which resulted in more fruitful results. At this moment, specialists found multiple blood clots in Counihan’s lungs that might have killed him.

The primary physician in charge claimed in his remarks that even a slight delay in the diagnosis might have extremely negative effects. It’s likely that the user wouldn’t have even awoken the next morning if he hadn’t visited the hospital that evening.

The patient is already feeling better since he has started taking his anticoagulant medicine. He remarks with good humour that he still hopes to add a few more grandkids in the ensuing years.

Despite previously being a rather active watch user, he said that he now utilizes the Apple Watch even more. Upon their hearing your tale, some friends have even recently purchased the product.

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