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Apple iPhone 14 could switch to eSIM-only.

iPhone 14 eSim

This Apple iPhone 14 rumour could eliminate SIM cards. eSIM adoption in Asia and Europe could spell the death of the SIM card.

Three big US providers are preparing to become SIM-free, according to the Wall Street Journal.

By the beginning of the year, GlobalData analyst Emma Mohr-McClune remarked, “An eSIM-only iPhone was always a question of ‘when,’ not ‘if.'” Apple is unlikely to adopt a “big bang” approach with the iPhone 14 by eliminating the actual SIM and betting exclusively on eSIM, although this smartphone might be the first to offer only eSIM.

We don’t anticipate Apple will take the ‘big bang’ strategy, doing rid of old systems and switching all customers to eSIMs, but rather introduce an eSIM-only form of its impending new model, preserving the dual eSIM-plus-physical SIM slot model for the mass market and its important carrier channel.

We anticipate telecom firms will be able to stock and sell an eSIM-only iPhone alongside dual eSIM/physical SIM versions.

Apple’s iPhone XS introduced eSIM. With the iPhone 13, you may utilise two eSIM cards at once, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card.

Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of technology and head of strategy at Amdocs, said an eSIM-only future is safer.

If a security vulnerability is detected, you can send out a global update. Physical SIMs won’t work.

Weinbach stated this was likely just for the U.S. and the iPhone 14 will still have a SIM slot. The iPhone SIM tray may go the way of the headphone jack and home button.

An analyst had predicted eSIM-only iPhone 14 models, with the iPhone 15 offering the same. The bulk of iPhone 14s models will still be functional with a conventional SIM and an eSIM, according to the rumour.

There are more speculated innovations for the iPhone 14 series that will thrill more people. Reworked notch design and enhanced main camera for iPhone 14 Pro versions; iPhone 14 Max/iPhone 14 Plus.

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